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Vim stands for Vi IMproved. It is a greatly enhanced vi clone which includes syntax highlighting, scripting, a GUI, a basic IDE, folding, horizontal and vertical window splits, printing, language based smart indenting, and more. The latest version is Vim 8.2.0141. The official web page for Vim is, where Vim users contribute tips, scripts, and so on.

Vim 7 includes integrated spell checking, tabbed windows, undo branches, extended VimL (Vim's scripting language) to include arrays and dictionaries (named arrays), language based completion, and many other major and minor improvements.

Vim 8 includes significant improvements and enhancements over 7, and 8.1 includes terminal window support.

The code on this page is distributed under the Vim license, unless otherwise noted. See ":help license". Most of the stuff here requires Vim 7.0 or greater. Some of these scripts are also available on

You may contact me with questions or problems with any of these scripts by using the address at the bottom of this page.

The <runtimepath> notation below indicates "~/.vim/" for Unix and "$HOME/vimfiles/" for Windows, and "vimrc" indicates "~/.vimrc" for Unix and "$HOME/_vimrc" for Windows. See ":help 'runtimepath'" and ":help vimrc".

[1] You may also need to read ":help new-filetype".

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