Name ( Version: 0.42.5 - 72K - Last modified: Feb 02, 2020 - 02:41:36 PM ) – Vim mappings to make editing HTML/XHTML files quick and easy.


This is a set of HTML/XHTML mappings (macros) and menus for Vim 7 or later. The mappings will be local to the buffer so they will not interfere if you edit other files in the same vim session.


First you should put "filetype plugin on" in your vimrc.

To install from the zip file

Extract (Includes HTML.vim, HTML.txt, browser_launcher.vim, MangleImageTag.vim, and the toolbar bitmaps.) in your runtime directory (~/.vim for Unix, $HOME/vimfiles for Windows; see ":help 'runtimepath'"). Then run ":helptags <directory>/doc" within vim.

Automatic installation


Vimball is seriously broken, so it is strongly recommend against using a .vba file to install this plugin. Among the problems are:

  1. The Vimball archiver does not properly preserve file encodings, so the menus for the character entities will not look right.
  2. Vimball can not properly store binary data, so if you are on a Windows based system and you want to use the Vimball archive, you still need to manually install the pixmaps ZIP file provided below in your bitmaps directory after installing the Vimball.

Due to these problems, the .vba files here are provided only for historical reasons.

Make sure you have a ~/.vim directory ($HOME/vimfiles under windows).

Download one of these three files (includes the same files as above — these archives require a recent version of Vimball):

Then edit the file and type ":source %". If all went well you are done.

Manual installation

Put "HTML.vim" ( 149K - Last modified: Feb 02, 2020 - 02:40:48 PM ) in your ftplugin/html subdirectory somewhere in your 'runtimepath', then install the files below that you want.

To install for old versions of Vim

Support for Vim 6 and earlier has been abandoned—the last version that supported Vim 5 is version 0.10, and the last version that supported Vim 6 is version 0.33.1.

Other old versions can be found here.


These files—except the HTML version of the documentation, the ChangeLog, and wikipedia.vim—are included in the & HTML.vba files (see "installation" above).


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See also

Some other Vim features and plugins that may be useful for editing (X)HTML:

(Suggestions welcome.)